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http://sfpesandiego.org/?date=2015-4-15 An exclusive private clinic offering bespoke facials with anti-ageing treatments. These non-invasive, high-technology treatments are aimed at women and men who want to slow down the ageing process, look and feel better. Our years of experience in anti-ageing facials and high qualifications will provide a professional service to achieve the result you want. Every treatment includes a free and private consultation, so that we can understand your concerns and needs and will deliver a bespoke facial specially tailored to you.

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http://everythingonpaperisperfect.com/wp/wp-admin/ The life cycle of an anti-ageing facial

Immediate effects

  • Skin is hydrated and cleansed
  • Dead skin cells are removed
  • Reveal a fresh and glowing complexion

1.    2 – 7 Days

  • Skin is hydrated from within as circulation has been boosted
  • Lymphatic drainage has removed toxins

2.    2 – 30 Days

  • Facial muscles are lifted and toned
  • Fine line and wrinkle appearance is improved

3.    21 – 42 Days

  • Collagen and elastin levels are boosted
  • Cellular regeneration and ATP energy stimulation

4.    3 – 4 Weeks

  • Time to book your next facial

If you would like to talk to us about treatments or to book a free consultation, please call on 07525 462 005 or send us a message.

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Many factors, both internal and external, cause the skin to age. You can limit the impact of external ageing by avoiding sun damage, smoking, drinking, stress, and harsh environments.

Darlings bespoke facials will help you to slow down the internal ageing process and preserve your youthful look.

Internally over time, our collagen, elastin, and ATP energy levels naturally decline. These are all essential for keeping skin firm and toned. Collagen and elastin are proteins which are created by cells (named fibroblast) using ATP energy as the “fuel” for this process.

In your 30s, your protein and energy levels drop by 1-2% every year. As a consequence, by the age of 40, we can lose between 10-20% of the foundation of our youthful appearance and the fine lines start developing into deeper lines and wrinkles. We all naturally age, but there are ways to prevent, slow down, and visibly reduce the signs of the ageing process to make us all look and feel naturally younger.

The benefits of regular anti-ageing facials with Darlings are: facial toning, firming, lifting, skin rehydration, and cell rejuvenation. We can also help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, acne, and dull complexion. Our highly qualified aesthetic therapists provide non-surgical and non-invasive treatments that are individual to your specific needs.